Did you ever want to shrink down, board the mini-ship and ride the Fantastic Voyage, as in the 1966 science fiction film by Harry Kleiner? Now through stunning imagery and captivating descriptions, you can indeed shuttle inside the human body and experience all its machinations—from your own microscopic lens.

Body: the Complete Human is a graphic marvel, celebrating what it means to be human. Chapters explore topics such as skin, blood and bones; procreation, germ defense and aging. There are loads of facts and tidbits. Anyone can read and enjoy, from the child wanting to look-and-see pictures of their developing bodies to the degreed engineer, who’ll appreciate the complexities of organic design and function

I chose to write chapters on reproduction and endocrinology for Body because I wanted to build upon topics I had touched in Lying in Weight: the Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders in Adult Women. There, I wrote about females who had trouble accepting their bodies. I talked to dozens who hated their flesh and fat and fell prey to faulty brain chemical and hormonal pulsations

If we could only understand the miracle of our flesh and form, I thought. We might learn to love what nature has fashioned. And so I immersed in the joy of female and male bodies. How the two connect. And the new life that births from their union. I explored the pulses of estrogen and progesterone. The virile strength of testosterone. And why those build our gender and make us, us

I hope you’ll enjoy this fascinating journey toward you. Look, read, and experience!