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In her breakthrough book, LYING IN WEIGHT: the Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders in Adult Women (HarperCollins; $24.95; CL; ISBN: 0060761482; publication date: May 1, 2007), molecular biologist/science writer Trisha Gura, Ph.D. exposes the hidden epidemic of eating disorders in women 25 and older.

LYING IN WEIGHT provides the first understanding of how life transitions trigger first-time and latent eating disorders in more than 30 million women in the US; hundreds of millions world-wide. The book provides ANSWERS and INSPIRATION for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and others, and includes a comprehensive healing resources section that explains traditional psychotherapeutic approaches as well as the latest alternatives.

Replete with hard-core science and intimate stories of women ranging from 25 to 92, LYING IN WEIGHT is a rare blend of leading-edge research, accessible writing, and empathy — Dr. Gura is not only an expert, but she's empathetic, having successfully managed her own anorexia as a teen and an adult.

Most people are well acquainted with the problem of eating disorders in teenage girls. But what happens when those girls grow up? Gura explodes the myth that girls outgrow their eating disorders or that they can be “cured.” She presents and interprets information from hundreds of peer-reviewed medical journal articles; insights based on conversations with leading scientists and physicians worldwide; and dozens of conversations with women who struggle with eating disorder issues as adults.

LYING IN WEIGHT is the first book to cover the spectrum of eating disorders in adult women, from anorexia nervosa to binge eating disorder–with bulimia and other eating disorders in between. Lying in Weight is the new Passages for the those concerned with food and body image; it is the first book to show how eating problems–budding or dormant–play out through the lifespan, triggered by stressful stages and transitions, including adolescence, marriage, pregnancy, parenting, mid and late life. (The oldest interviewee in the book is a 92-year-old woman who developed anorexia because “there was just too much she wanted to do in her later years.”)

LYING IN WEIGHT reveals the powerful interconnections between food, eating and change of status (marriage, divorce, aging, empty nest, menopause) … between food, eating and relationships (why men knowingly or unwittingly wed woman with eating disorders, and how that affects their marriage) … between food, eating, and parenting (mothers with eating disorders are 7 to12 times more likely to raise children with eating problems, too) … and more.

LYING IN WEIGHT is for adult women who have, or think they may have an eating disorder; for the families, significant others, and spouses of women who are suffering from eating problems; for medical practitioners who want to expand their knowledge base about eating problems, including the newly recognized “binge eating disorders”; for anyone who wants to be informed about the worldwide epidemic shattering the lives of hundreds of millions of women and costing tens of billions of dollars annually in terms of lost productivity and direct drain on the health care system.

Dr. Gura provides:

Strategies, tactics, and practical "in-the-trenches" advice for coping, healing, and recovering.
In depth accounts from women like Dana, 40, mother of two, who exercises compulsively to forget possible sexual abuse; Cindy, 47, and Barbara 54, who have both stopped their eating disorders symptoms but are now both coping with teenage daughters who are suffering today from anorexia; and Rachel, 60, who hid her bulimia for nearly forty years before she could gather the courage for the first time in midlife to seek help. Today she is eating disorder free.
Explanations, written in plain English, which will help general readers understand the scientific and technical “whys” of their condition
Comprehensive resources, including organizations and treatment centers designed to help women heal and recover from eating disorders.
Hope! Gura stresses that no eating disorder sufferer is alone and that anyone afflicted can take charge of her life, channeling the self-destructive drivers of anorexia, bulimia, bingeing, and other eating problems into positive energy and fulfillment, a new-found voice that can accomplish great achievements in the world.

Dr. Gura holds a doctorate in molecular biology and has written extensively for such publications as Science, Nature, Scientific American, the Chicago Tribune, the Boston Globe, Child, Yoga Journal, and Health among many others. She is also a Knight Science Journalism Fellow and a Resident Scholar at Brandeis University. She lives in Boston, MA with her 11-year-old daughter.