Scope of Writing

Trisha’s skills uniquely span the spectrum of scientific writing. From the highly-technical to the highly-personal she can unravel the complexities of science and bring them home to her readers.

The key is her ability to talk to the experts. She knows the questions to ask. Scientists and physicians trust her. She then takes their words and weaves them into narratives, tips, news, essays, web content, podcasts and multimedia. She covers a wide range of science/medical topics: from weight, drug safety and genetic screening to menopause, cancer, even the science of pie crusts and the mathematics of Zen gardens. This is science that touches everyday lives.

> Highly Technical:
Trisha has written about science for scientists in top publications such as Science and Nature.

> Technical but Accessible:
Trisha has written news, features, and web content for those who love science but were never trained in it. Examples include work in Scientific American, New Scientist and MIT’s Knowledge Updates web modules.

> Service-Oriented but founded on Medical/Scientific Fact:
Trisha can breathe life into science in a way that both captivates and informs an every day reader. Examples include features, news, and articles in Child, Health, Yoga Journal and the Boston Globe.

> Personal:
Trisha can spin a yarn from her own experience in a unique voice imbued with both empathy and expertise. In her book, Lying in Weight: the Hidden Epidemic of Eating Disorders in Adult Women, as well as related podcasts, essays and blog notes, she combines memoir and medical journalism in a singular, accessible style.